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The Power of the English Speaking Hispanic Super-Consumer Has Arrived

This moment has been building for years and it has finally arrived. With the recent news that Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is in talks with The Walt Disney Company to combine news division resources and start an English-language cable news channel is a defining moment. This would represent the first channel specifically for English-speaking Hispanics in the U.S. – and one expected to compete with the likes of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. This development acknowledges the growing influence of the Hispanic audience and it's time for the rest of America to carefully pay attention.

Young Latinos are Ready to Change the Conversation about Hispanics in America

Young Latinos are ready to take charge, and I couldn't be more excited. On January 11, I had the opportunity to launch the 2012 Hispanic Voice Town Hall Tour with an event in Santa Ana, California. The young Latinos in the room were clearly ready to change the story about Hispanics in this country. They're ready to play a more prominent role in how our community influences policy makers, corporate leaders, and the rest of America. They're starting to express themselves with a new attitude and a new sense of purpose.

Hispanics Must Shift Their Focus from Being Valuable to Responsible

During my numerous speaking engagements in support of Hispanic Heritage Month this year, I have witnessed a new spirit in the air. Hispanics are growing more confident, self-aware and eager to see what the future has in store for our growing community in America. However, with our unbridled enthusiasm, is concern. As our Hispanic voices get louder and as our community plays a more influential role in society, we must shift our focus from knowing that we are becoming a more valuable community in America to a community that must be more accountable to this new responsibility that has been bestowed upon us.

The Hispanic Identity Crisis Explains Why Hispanics Can’t be Trusted

The Hispanic community is in danger of losing its identity unless we give America reason to believe that we can trust ourselves and contribute to the revival of the US economy.  Today, most Americans (including many Hispanics themselves) believe that Hispanics are a burden to the economy.  They simply view the Hispanic community as an uneducated, leadership-less and fragmented community that brings the economy down.  In fact, most of them believe that it just takes too much

6 Essential Characteristics All Business Leaders Will Need in 2012

The United States is undergoing great change -- and at an ever-accelerating pace – during these tough post-2008 economic times, with upheavals in the political, social, and economic spheres all at once. The political mood is bitter, the social fabric is ripped in many places, and the economy continues to deliver bad news in terms of foreclosures, business failures, and high unemployment. How to survive in this tough, fast-changing terrain? When my Cuban parents came to the United States in the wake of Castro’s revolution.

Our Potential Political Power

I have found that Hispanics in America may speak Spanish (some do not speak Spanish at all), yet, our individual cultures can be a very divisive factor. Each cultural group has very different needs/goals. I believe that our Latin cultural differences not similarities, will affect political choices more than anything, probably to all our detriment. Consider, what do Americans in general, have in common with the average New Zealander that speaks English, too? Lumping Hispanics stereotypically together is particularly sensitive in the political arena! Nevertheless, it is imperative for all Hispanics to make it their business to VOTE, and to let everyone know that they will vote.

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The Shift: Hispanics in America