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Hispanics across America are eager to tell their stories about how Latinos can play a more active role in contributing with greater value, purpose, passion and intention to the future of the United States.

In particular, 2012 Hispanic Voice has discovered that young Hispanics want to change the conversation and the negative misrepresentation of Hispanics in America. They are tired of the noise from the "old guard" and are eager to introduce fresh perspectives. They are deeply concerned about their future.

As we organically capture the valuable voices of Latinos to help cultivate an agenda that we can be proud of. Our hope is to "wake-up" Hispanics in America – to recognize that we have no other option than to change our story by enabling ourselves in more influential ways that allows the rest of America to discover our powerful immigrant perspective that can add value to corporate boardroom discussions and government policy making decisions.

Our story must enlighten America that Hispanics are ready to give rise to a new attitude; one that is authentic and represents our cultural values: fresh perspectives and actions that can be associated with innovation, growth and new types of opportunities that will strengthen our economy and help make America better.

These issues are real and affect everyone. As such, we would like to ask that you (Hispanic or not) share your objective opinions and perspectives about how Hispanics and all multicultural groups (that together will represent 54% of America by 2050) can change the story for a better America.

Our work to solidify our voice must begin now!

Please write and submit your story in the box below. You can add your name or remain anonymous. Do what makes you feel comfortable – but please share your voice and what matters most to you. We will be sharing your story throughout our Town Hall Tours to help inspire others to do the same.

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Your voice matters. Put it into action!

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