Why your organization should sponsor the Town Hall Tour?

If your organization's brand value proposition supports:

      •   Individual empowerment

      •   Community advancement

      •   Hispanic consumer

      •   Leadership

      •   Authentic relationship building

      •   Connection organically with consumers

Benefits for Your Brand and Organization:

  Local and national media exposure

  Authentic relationship building with the Hispanic community

  Participate in a national Hispanic conversation that will allow you to connect with the Hispanic community, it's leaders and consumer groups to help you:
       -   Increase Market Share

   -   Market Intelligence

   -   Brand Alliance

   -   Strengthen Social Media Impact with Hispanics

   -   Serve your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Strengthen your brand loyalty with Hispanic consumers as the Hispanic community strengthens its voice, identity, impact and influence in America.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact us at: ideas@2012HispanicVoice.com
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