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Hispanics are Coming Together to Unveil their Roadmap for the Future of America.

On January 11, 2012 – this will launch the 2012 Hispanic Voice Town Hall Tour across America that will invite city and community leaders and will be an open forum for all Hispanics to express their voice, concerns and solutions for our community and how we can best contribute to the future of America. The Tour will run through the 2012 elections and serve to help Hispanic understand why we must be more mindful of our voting responsibilities. More importantly, Hispanics must become more knowledgeable about why we matter as a growing community and that we must enable ourselves if our voices are to be heard and taken seriously.

The Town Halls will be objective, solution-oriented and forward-thinking. They will specifically address the road map but will empower participants to create the broader agenda items for Hispanics in America that are actionable and that support a plan that can be implemented at a local, state and national level. This will be a unique opportunity to give Hispanics the chance to unite, empower and expand our authentic and powerful identity. City by city, the agenda and voices will mature. Each month, 2012 Hispanic Voice Founder Glenn Llopis will be accountable to directly inform the media of the progress, evolution and our acceptance and accountability for our new responsibilities as citizens for a better America.

As our platform strengthens, we (Hispanics) will begin to trust our voice, appreciate our authentic identity and cultural nuances; and gradually we will understand why it is imperative that we own our vote regardless of candidate or party preference on Election Day. This Town Hall platform will seek to earn the respect from those who have ignored us and that unintentionally caused the misrepresentation of Hispanics along the way.

Our hope is to identify and discover fresh perspectives. Converge the powerful diverse thinking that is embedded in our rich legacies, diverse cultures and across all generations that we (Hispanics) represent. The outcome is to define an agenda that will unite our voice to key policy issues so that we can own our vote by approaching this critical decision with fresh perspectives that will best represent our community's ability to advance and become a more integral part of America's future. As a result, this initiative will organically focus on increasing Hispanic voter turnout with the goal of advancing our united voice with a new outlook and commitment that "changes our story" so that we can begin to work closer with government and big business for a better America.

2012 Elections

The 2012 election will be a defining moment for Hispanics and the roles we will play as citizens, leaders and influencers in America. As a result, building an agenda for Hispanics in America will help us understand why we must play a more active and influential part in American life in order to salvage the identity, respectability and future of ourselves and for our children.

The following represents the three step roadmap that all Hispanics need to take together:

Step 1: Unite our Community by Embracing our Cultural Values.
Hispanics must accept that our cultural roots are sources of strength rather than barriers to advancement. We must become more aware of the responsibility our community has as our economic impact grows in purchasing power, population, etc. The more responsible and united Hispanics are, the stronger our voice becomes

Step 2: Empower our Talent by Activating our Authentic Hispanic Leadership.
Hispanics must stop assimilating, being what others want them to be. Rather we must empower ourselves by celebrating our unique immigrant perspective in our leadership style.

Step 3: Expand our Impact and Influence to Cultivate Economic Growth.
Hispanics must become thought-leaders that represent the voices of all minority groups that are faced with similar challenges. Hispanics must become extended "brand assets" for the organizations we lead and serve to help them create new areas for growth. The more Hispanic can influence business growth, the more influential Hispanics become as leaders in America. This naturally will impact the growth of our economy and create a visible track record that makes Hispanics more attractive leaders.

Desired Outcomes

1. Strengthen our Hispanic Community
Trust our ability to resolve differences and overcome challenge
Be as responsible as we are valuable
2. Correct the Misperception of Hispanics
Change the attitudes and mistaken identity of Hispanics in America
Educate others about how we are naturally wired to think, act and innovate
3. Inspire Hispanic Youth to Achieve
Give them an authentic reason to embrace education
Motivate our Hispanic Youth to pursue the American dream
Provide them the tools to be accountable for their responsibility to America's future
Increase their participation in the conversation and their voter turnout
4. Encourage Corporations to Get Involved in the Conversation
Our agenda will have a direct impact on America’s corporations:
o Hispanic talent and leadership recruitment / retention
o increasing their market share
o consumer intelligence
o brand alliances
o new markets/revenue streams
o social media
5. Educate the Rest of America to Value Hispanics
America must begin to understand that Hispanics can strengthen or weaken the value of their assets.
Hispanics in America must be viewed as a growing resource pool that can fuel innovation and new opportunities previously unseen.
6. Awaken All Minority Communities to do the Same
Hispanics must become more integrated with other minority communities
An opportunity for Hispanics in America to help lead the immigrant perspective movement in the United States

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